The architects at Terraworks are Utah's leaders in landscaping.

Terraworks is Utah's premier landscaping company, installing landscapes for the residents of the Salt Lake City area since 2001.

What began as a simple one-man business in 1994 has grown into a full-service landscape service and installation company, employing a year-round staff in addition to a large seasonal crew and some of the best landscape architects. With a fleet of trucks, trailers, and state of the art equipment, Terraworks has the experience, equipment and manpower to handle the needs of its customers, whether a small residential yard, a large public park, or an extensive commercial development. For the best landscaping services, including expert landscape architects specializing residential and commercial landscaping design, contact Terraworks today to see what amazing options are available that you never dreamed imaginable.

The landscape architects at Terraworks of Salt Lake City specialize in creating new designs and in improving existing landscaping for homes and businesses.

The landscape architects at Terraworks are specially educated and experienced to design landscaping that will exceed your expectations, putting their extensive knowledge of what plants, trees and shrubs will flourish best in your unique Utah area residence or business. They are especially skilled and experienced at effectively finding solutions to some of your most difficult landscaping challenges, such as poor soil conditions, elevation difficulties, and unsightly landmarks that cannot be removed, such as telephone poles. Don't waste your time and money landscaping your own yard or business, only to be disappointed with the outcome. Do it right the first time by allowing the Terraworks team of expert landscape architects to put their years of expertise and experience to work for you. They guarantee that you will be satisfied with their results at your home, office or park.

The highest quality landscaping in Utah begins with the highest quality landscape design, best achieved by using professional landscape architects.

The amazing landscape architects at Terraworks of Salt Lake City have years of experience and expert knowledge that give you results that will exceed your wildest dreams. They have unparalleled knowledge of the plants, shrubs, and trees that will thrive best in your location, including which ones will best complement one another throughout the changing seasons of the year. Meet with the landscape architects at Terraworks just once, and you will understand that the vision they have can create a landscape design for your Salt Lake City area home or business that is above and beyond anything you could ever imagine on your own. Achieve the landscaping of your dreams with the expert help of Terraworks today.

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