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Interesting Fact: Mel Gibson’s former home in Malibu boasted enough landscape lighting so guests could play the life sized chess set in his backyard at any time.

Interesting Fact: The most expensive landscaping project ever was the Ace of Diamonds display at the Chelsea Flower Show. It cost over 31 million dollars.

How does landscape lighting affect a home’s resale value?

Selling a home can be a challenge, but ensuring that your landscaping is in tip top shape can help make a good first impression and ease the process of the sale.  Landscape lighting provides a great opportunity to highlight the best parts of your yard. With the use of specific lighting, the potential homebuyers will be presented with all the best features.  Outdoor lighting can also provide a sense of security: intruders are often turned away by the lights.

How does landscape lighting offer security for my home?

Landscape lighting can be installed as a security measure for homes.  Intruders often target houses that are darkened because it generally suggests that the homeowner is probably gone.   Having landscape lighting can deter them from entering your premises as they are more likely to be seen by neighbors or caught on camera.  It can also help to lighten up darker areas of the yard, making them visible to the homeowners.

Can TerraWorks help me design my landscape lighting?

TerraWorks specializes in all aspects of outdoor landscaping, including outdoor lighting.  We can guide homeowners through the different types of lighting available and which ones work the best with their space.  Lighting can be used to highlight different areas of the landscaping, spotlighting certain gardens and plants.  There are a variety of different ways to light public gathering areas, including fire-pits and dining areas.  Pathways can be lit up so individuals can navigate through the yard at night.

What should I keep in mind when it comes to planning landscape lighting?

The layout of your yard is an important factor to keep in mind when planning your lighting.  Pathways and gardens should be taken into account, especially if they aren't close to the house lighting.   It's also important to consider where you are putting seating areas; these often need extra lighting for those evening barbecues.

How easy is it to maintain landscape lighting?

Landscape lighting is extremely easy to maintain.  Most require standard bulbs that can be purchased at your local home store and they generally last for a long period of time.  Other types of lights use solar power. They harness the energy from the sun and emit light when it gets dark.  These are especially easy to maintain and are easily installed.  At TerraWorks, we can suggest a variety of different lighting options and help you determine which ones will truly light up your landscaping.

Where is the best place to put landscape lighting?

This depends not the layout of your yard and how your landscaping is situated.  Many people like to install lighting in the main gathering places, such as the patio or fire-pit.   Others like to highlight the pathways that meander through the property or create a path of light around their sidewalks.  Deck lighting is perfect for those relaxing evenings out on the porch and garden lights can highlight those sections of the yard that are tucked away.

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